Most high-end buildings will require the mover to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI). This is a document issued by an insurance company/broker that proves the mover’s insurance coverage. It lists individuals and/or companies so that if the mover were to cause damage to the building or surroundings, or its workers suffer injuries associated with the move, the listed individuals and/or companies would be covered under that mover’s insurance.


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You will find a simple form above which must be filled out in order for us to provide you with a certificate of insurance for your move. If you do not see a form below, please use a different internet browser, update your browser, or try it from your mobile device

There is no charge for the Certificate of Insurance if you provide us with all of the fields below. If you only provide us with the contact information to your building, we will charge you a $25.00 convenience fee for obtaining the information directly from the building.