We at Go To Moving believe in clarity. Moving can be stressful and often unpredictable and an uninformed customer can lead to an unsatisfied customer. We want to make sure we are the right company for you and that you know as much as possible about our process. Below you will find a collections of questions people often ask us.

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Do you sell packing materials and moving supplies?

Yes, we do and we offer free delivery within the 5 boroughs for orders of $100 or more. Contact us at 646-250-8699 to discuss your specific needs.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept cash, certified checks, money orders and credit cards.

What is the connection between Go To Moving and Vantruckmove?

The company started as Vantruckmove and has a built a stellar reputation around this name.   As the company grew we upgraded our fleet and re-branded the company as Go To Moving in 2012 and have filed the appropriate paperwork with the New York Department of State and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

What kind of liability insurance do you have?

Go To Moving has $2,000,000 for general liability aggregate, $750,000 for auto liability, as well as requisite Workers Compensation and disability policies in accordance with the regulations of New York State. The movers on our payroll are documented and thus insured, insulating the customer from liability should anyone become injured on the job.

Can you provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) to my building?

Yes, we can. Once you book the move with us and place a deposit you will receive a link to our website where you can put in the necessary information for us to produce the certificate.


How are the hours for the move calculated?

The clock starts when the movers arrive at the job site, and ends when the move is completed and you are satisfied with our work and are ready to pay. There is a four hour minimum on every job we do, and a six hour minimum on moves with 4 or more movers. The prices we charge are prorated, meaning that if the movers work for 4 hours and 15 minutes at an hourly rate of $120/hour, you will pay for 4.25 hours * 120.00 = $510 plus any charges agreed upon prior to or during the move. During longer moves, the movers may take a break for lunch. They will inform you when they are doing so and you have the option of deducting this time from the move’s total hours.

Why hire licensed movers?

Companies licensed with the FMCSA have to maintain up to date information on the company’s “legal entity” name, safety records, physical address, telephone number, as well as the required insurance limits, for general liability, auto liability and cargo insurance policies. Registered companies must also have a BOC-3 processing agent for every state where they operate, so if you choose to pursue legal recourse against the company you can quickly serve the legal documents.
When dealing with an unregistered company all you have to go by is a first name and a telephone number. This is not prudent when it comes to moving. A company may get rid of their possibly disposable cell phone and for all you know they have given you a fake name. They can disappear either after you’ve discovered that you have missing/broken items, after collecting a deposit and then not showing up on the day of your move, or worst of all, after picking up your belongings and then not showing up at the secondary location. Moving “companies” that you may find on craigslist can literally be two guys with a template website and a disposable cell phone looking to simply steal everything you own. Then again, they may not, but is it worth the risk?
Feel free to use this government issued brochure to find out why it is not worth to deal with unregistered discount movers.

What should I do in order to prepare for my move?

If you are packing yourself, we recommend that your items are packed prior to the movers arrival, and that dresser drawers have emptied and their contents packed.  Additionally if we are moving any house hold appliances for you such as, stoves, washer, dryers, and refrigerators ensure that these items are disconnected from gas and water lines ahead of the movers arrival.

Do you disassemble furniture?

Basic furniture disassembly is included with all of our hourly rate moves and can be included with a flat rate move as well.


My TV is mounted to the wall, can you dismount it?

Yes.  We can dismount your TV if it is mounted to a wall, however we are unable to mount it at the delivery location.

How can I protect my mattress?

NYC Department of Sanitation requires that all mattresses and boxsprings be wrapped in a plastic bag during transport or disposal. We can provide you with a brand new sealed mattress bag for $10.00; alternatively you can purchase one on your own and the movers will put it on for you.   We agree with this policy and require that mattress bags be used on all our moves even those that don’t go through NYC.


How is my furniture protected?

Prior to taking your furniture out of your home, our movers will make sure to wrap everything with extra thick moving blankets.  This will protect your furniture and household from unwanted scuffs and scratches.


Do you offer packing service?

Yes. Depending on the size of your move you can arrange for packing service the day of your move or the day prior.


How do I determine how many movers I need?

When you contact us we will review your inventory either by phone or through an in home estimate.  From there we will be able to give you a recommendation about how many movers you need and how long your move is expected to take.