It’s not easy to let go of your hometown and forget all the comfort and memories attached to it. But when life demands a change, there is no use bargaining with life.

Setting Out

Moving to New York City can be nerve-racking and the last thing you want is to have that stress get to your kids. To protect the younger ones and pets from your stressful angry self, you should move and settle down before bringing them along. Leaving them to be babysat at family members house or a friends place until the movers have left and the new residency is a clean and functioning home. Moving companies make moving furniture and handling boxes fairly quick and smooth but it is best to keep kids and pets out of this chaos. After moving to New York City one should make oneself as comfortable with the neighborhood as possible, going from tourist to local is easier than it sounds.

Love Thy Neighbor

The easiest way to start knowing the community is to start with your neighbors. Take the initiative and greet them warmly whenever you get a chance, contrary to popular belief New Yorkers are a lot warmer than portrayed in the media. Even though New York is the busiest city of America and the idea of interacting with someone could be pretty intimidating, strangers admire a person who is brazen enough to display friendliness and trust spontaneously. Staten Islander’s are uniquely in less of a rush than other New Yorkers, as a result it is home to the most chill and relaxed people and making friends here should be easy.

Walk to Explore

Even though taking a car or bus is convenient, walking is best to familiarize yourself with the streets of a new city. Taking the kids and pets along to explore the town will help them get closer with one another and absolve any tensions or fears that they may have coming to a strange new city. The beautiful streets of Staten Island are home to historic Richmond Town and plenty of public parks, museums, a mall, shopping plazas, a paintball court, a trampoline warehouse, a rollerskating rink, and new attractions are being built daily. If you become a resident of Staten Island you should walk and admire the art of this underrated borough of New York City.

Parks and Restaurants

If you are anxious about getting the kids to love their new city it is vital to get them adjusted to the changes. Taking kids to the park to make friends, play sports or to enroll them in some fun group activity will give you more pleasant evenings, where they are out making new friends and socializing. The island offers boy  scouts, little leagues and three private colleges and one public CUNY (CSI) that have classes for overachieving teenagers. Alongside getting a head start on higher education a variety of schooling options are available for the younger children, it is home to several religious schools as well as a two JCCs and two YMCAs as well as daycares. The diverse food of Staten Island with their Italian and Chinese specialties can also make it easy for kids to fall in love with their new abode in New York City.


A new city will never be the exact same as your old town. Prepare yourself and your family to be flexible enough to genuinely try to find goodness without comparing it with the old town. The lifestyle of New York City may be different from your last home but the energy of this city will fill you with enthusiasm. Each place has its own flavor and the familiarity and comfort of the old town should not keep you from accepting the changes.

The initial few months in New York City could be a little stressful because of all the new people and new streets. Once you know your neighbors, your kids have friends to play with and a new favorite pizza to order- this new city will not be as daunting. Get yourself involved in community activities and make sure to help each of your family members find friends in the neighborhood; be it your parents, kids or pets. When everyone forms new associations, love and care are sure to follow.