When packing your fragile items such as glasses, cups, and china or vases, it is important to use the right kind of box and pad the right way. A dish box is a box specifically designed for protecting your fragile belongings. These boxes are designed with a double layer of cardboard to provide extra padding on the day of your move. Selecting the right kind of box for your fragile items is the first step in ensuring a successful move.

Step two is making sure your items have ample padding inside the box. The best way to do this is by using wrapping paper. Before packing a new dish box you should crumple enough packing paper to create an extra layer of padding between the bottom of the box and the first set of items you pack. Once this is done you should wrap each item individually. Once the items are wrapped you can begin placing them in the box with the heaviest items being packed on the bottom of the box.

Plates and bowls should be placed on their side as opposed to being stood upright like cups, glasses, and vases. Once you’ve finished packing the first layer of the box you want to create another layer of crumpled wrapping paper in the box above the first layer of items. Repeat the steps above until the box is full. Add padding at the top of your box to make sure that there is no empty space, this will prevent the box from being crushed or collapsing during your move.  Once you’ve finished packing the box, tape the top and label the box with the contents and a number.