Good food makes for good memories. The beautiful view of Staten Island accompanied by the many food options is sure to leave an indelible print in your mind.

Beso Restaurant

Staten Island Ferry is the most popular tourist attraction and those people who visit Staten Island likely got here by using it. Just a 10-minute walk from the Ferry is this restaurant. People who visit this restaurant are most often directed to this place by their co-commuters from the Ferry.

Lobster enchiladas, grilled salmon, fried calamari and sangria are the best here. The ambiance, friendly staff, and flavors of the best-cooked seafood is a must for when you visit the island right after you get off from your ferry ride.

Pizzeria Giove

How else do you remember a place if it is not the taste of their pizza? Every region has a distinct pizza flavor and all the kinds of pizza need to be tried. To want pizza is unavoidable no matter where you go, so the best pizza in Staten Island is at Pizzeria Giove. Their dough and cheese fuse to make flavors you must not deprive your palettes of.

Vario Pinta, Caprese pizza and white pizza are the most famous here. They make pizzas in a brick oven that you can see from your seat at the back as well. New movers to Staten Island should definitely make Pizzeria Giove one of their first stops so they know where to go on days they crave a good pizza.

Giuliana’s Restaurant

While at Staten Island it seems best to try as much seafood as possible. Most places at Staten Island offer huge varieties of seafood along with other delectables. Chicken Frangelico and chicken franchise are the favorites at Giuliana’s restaurant. But it’s the perfection of this restaurant that people go not only for the fancy meals but they fall in love with the simplest and most basic items on the menu such as a French toast simply because of the perfection it is made with.

Bayou Restaurant

Another one close to the Ferry with a New Orleans feel to it is the Bayou restaurant. This restaurant has the seafood jambalaya and sesame tuna that makes people come back for more. The Cajun cuisine is comfort food for most people and returning customers make sure to dine in to not only enjoy the Cajun cuisine but also enjoy the cozy and inviting atmosphere of the restaurant.

Rudy & Dean

The lobster bisque soup at Rudy & Dean is a hidden gem of this restaurant. This place is famous for its steaks and sliders. It is a block away from the Ferry and is popular for its classic American food style. Bolognese, ribeye steak and the huge porterhouse dry aged steak are the favorites among returning customers that promise these meals to be stellar every time.

Staten Island has so many food options that it is a shame for new New York movers if all the food is not explored. It is fairly easy to fall in love with Staten Island because of the food it has to offer. You can get a flavor of regions from all over the world in this beautiful place of Staten Island. Be it Italian, Chinese or Mexican, Staten Island will never run you out of options. There is something for everyone and a great starter to make new movers fall in love with Staten Island.