Classify and prioritize your items before the move

Moving can be stressful. It is composed of mixed emotions like separation anxiety, uncertainty, losing and missing friends, adjusting to the new environment, de-cluttering the old and new houses. It is not as easy as A-B-C especially for long distance movers moving from one state to the other. If you are in the process of moving out soon, there are many things to prepare and there are many ways to segregate your things to make the moving day convenient. Here is a top 10 list that you might consider when preparing for your move.

1. Classify Your Things

Moving especially for those moving long distance need not bring everything you have. Stash away sentimental items and prioritize practical items. Classify sensitive objects like those that can be broken like kitchen wares, house decors or even framed paintings that may be damaged during the move.

Classify and prioritize your items before the move

Classifying your thing will help you decide what to bring.












2. Garage Sale

It is best to decide if bringing everything you own would make your moving hassle-free. You may opt to arrange a garage sale for those things that you think can lessen the packing dilemma. These could be worn-out but still in good condition things like toys, books, clothes, or home decors. You might include heavy furniture and appliances. Aside from lessening the bulk, earning is also considered. You can also use a website such as to organize an online garage sale.

3. Donate some of your things before the move

If you are into the garage sale, you might try donating some of the items to lessen the burden before your moving day.  There are a lot of charities that would like to benefit from those. You not only unload your items but you get to help someone out. You also cut the cost that you will pay for local and interstate movers.

4. Always use boxes for storage

Boxes are the most commonly used for packing and segregating things. The best idea to have boxes for moving is to have them for free. Grocery or any shopping stores do have empty boxes sometimes they are happy to get rid of. You might talk to the owner or the in-charge if they could spare you some for moving. One hack that will help to carry these boxes on a moving day is to make a handle by creating a handle on the sides of the boxes to have a good grip (like a banker box). Avoid using plastic bags or open containers for placing items in storage, as they will make it very difficult to stack and it is much harder to keep organized.

5. Dispose of hazardous materials before your movers arrive

When moving, do not bring dangerous or hazardous belongings. Moving is not as easy as just carrying items out. Making the event safe from unwanted events along the trip is important. Some common items people often do not consider are butane tanks in your BBQ grill and household liquid bleach items. Movers are not supposed to take these items on their truck.

6. Leave the junk behind

You do not need those junks at all like newspapers, bottles, old gadgets or batteries. These sorts are just an additional burden to your moving plans. Let them go, you will thank yourself later.

7. Keep a list

This list will track the things that you need to bring and you don’t. It will keep you on track when the time comes to part with things you decided are not necessary. You might consider someone close to you or a person that you think needs it, and donate it. Furthermore, you can create a list of what item is in which box. It will make unpacking much easier – or if you have an emergency and need to get to a specific item that was packed away, the list will save the day!

8. Give yourself plenty of time to pack before your move

Rushing into pre-moving can be stressful. You might miss or forget the things that you need to bring on. Take a really long period of time before the moving day comes. A month prior to the moving day, is a good day to start preparing and doing a little bit each day so you do not get overwhelmed.

9. Keep a necessities bag

Even though you may start packing a month before the moving day, there are things that you may want to consider keeping out of the packed boxes. These things are necessities that you daily need like toiletries, food for the moving day, water, some clothes, and gadgets like your laptop and chargers. You won’t like unboxing them in the middle of moving day, and you will likely need them same day.

10. Have a last look

Before you leave your old place, take a minute to slowly go to each room and look into each closet. Having to go back because you forgot that plastic container out of the upstairs closet can add unnecessary stress to your moving day.

local and interstate movers ready to help

Movers can make your local or interstate move much easier.










Moving is can be very dramatic and exciting experience all at once. Some might have been in their home for so long and are leaving behind memories while others are overjoyed to have a new place to call home. Whichever category you fall into, there are a number of services that can help you when it comes to moving. Movers have different services that will suit your needs. You can browse our services so that you will have a glimpse of the things that they can offer. Plan your pre-moving segregation wisely and have a burn-out-free moving experience.