NYC shelter in place during coronavirus

One of the most common questions asked in April 2020, is without a doubt – “What does your moving company do to protect against the spread of Corona Virus?”. This is a perfectly legitimate question, but the answer isn’t always what our customers want to hear. In this post we will break down some of the ways we are able to protect our employees, customers, and our families from the virus.

Can the movers wear gloves?

Yes! The movers typically wear gloves while moving, and now it is more important more than ever.

Can the movers wear protective face masks?

Everyone in NYC should keep their face covered with a mask or a scarf. The movers will do their best to cover their mouth and nose while working. We will cover our faces for the majority of the duration of your move – and at all times while interacting with your or your family. We request that everyone involved in the move on your end covers their face as well.

We ask for your understanding during this difficult time. Our movers are fellow human beings, who are exposing themselves to your belongings in order to perform an essential service. Moving is a physically strenuous activity, so you may see our team members walking away periodically to catch their breath – please understand that moving furniture with a face mask is more strenuous than under normal circumstances.

What happens if a mover is sick?

We are a close knit group, and luckily in the last 6 weeks no one at our company or among our family members has been diagnosed with COVID-19. Should we have any suspicion that someone has a fever or any other symptoms, we absolutely will not allow them to come in contact with our equipment, our other team members, or your home. Until a certified medical note stating the individual’s ability to return to work can be produced, they will be placed on mandatory sick paid leave.

We have taken steps to always have a replacement team member available. This s a great strategy to keep everyone healthy, but be mindful that should such a drastic step be taken, it may cause some delay with our arrival.

Do you disinfect trucks in between moves?

Yes, but probably not in the way you are thinking. If you are envisioning guys in hazmat suits and industrial strength portable disinfectant sprays – no, that’s not feasible. 26′ moving truck has about 1000 sq feet of surface cargo area. Factor in all the moving pads and other equipment, and this would be a giant undertaking & a costly one. If you would like to cover the cost of a complete disinfection of the truck prior to your move for the extra piece of mind, that’s definitely something we can do.

We do disinfect the most commonly touched areas. Truck keys, clipboards, pens, door handles, handles of our handtrucks to name a few are all treated with sanitizer after every move. This is something we do for the safety of our employees and clients. Movers are provided with hand sanitizer and use it in between different tasks.

Are you moving during the peak of Corona Virus outbreak in NYC?

No, we stopped all in-person operations April 3rd, and have not re-opened yet, but are planning to start moving again soon. I know other moving companies have worked all through the outbreak, but for the safety of our employees and their families we made the difficult decision to stop operating. I believe this decision has helped to curb the spread of the virus on a macro-scale, as well as on the micro-scale. Keeping our employees healthy will help us get back to serving our community faster.

If you would like more up-to-date information, please call us at 646-250-8699 and we will advise you.

Three easiest steps to take to protect yourself from virus spread.

What else do you do to help stop the spread of germs?

I believe the most important way we can help prevent sickness is information. I have spoken to our moving teams several times about how to best protect against the virus. Washing of the hands. Avoiding unnecessary contact. Keeping 6 feet apart. The biggest factor that’s making this pandemic worse than any in recent history is the fact you can be infected, and spread the virus without any symptoms for several days after being exposed. This is why are are all in lockdown. As a result, I keep in touch with my team during quarantine, and continue to plead with them to stay home and minimize exposure.

Personal Note:

My partner works at the hospital. I am inevitably exposed to her at home. As such, I have avoided coming in contact with anyone else. This includes my loved ones who do not live with me, coworkers, friends, and even essential workers. Because of the nature of the work she does, she is high risk which inevitably makes me high risk. I have not seen my parents or friends in person in over a month. This is the reality and difficult sacrifice I have to make to protect those around me. While I cannot enforce the stay at home order for my employees beyond shutting down the company, I have spent a lot of 1 on 1 time explaining why it’s important to follow the medical community’s instructions. As boring or frustrating as it may be, I trust that my team is doing the right thing during the lockdown, and we will come out healthy & ready to work when we return to performing moving services in your home.

For more general information about the spread of Coronavirus, visit the CDC’s dedicated website: