Staten Island, New York City

If security and serenity are your priorities when looking for a place to live around the NYC area, Staten Island may just be the perfect location. Staten Island is the most underrated of the five boroughs of New York City. However, it has a cozy and comfortable vibe to it, which never fails to cast a spell on its visitors.

1. Economical

Staten Island is the cheapest borough out of all the other boroughs of New York City (NYC). It is a bonus in the sense that you get to live in NYC without paying the high rent price that is most often associated with New York City. The moving companies at Staten Island assist with the moving and make it seem an easy affair, so if you are ready to stop dedicating most of your monthly paycheck to rent call us and let’s get you moving.

2. Peaceful

Even though Staten Island is the most underestimated, it has the lowest crime rate as compared to other NYC communities. Parking and owning a car in Staten Island is by far the easiest out of any borough as well – this is even reflected by significantly lower car insurance quotes Staten Islanders get compared to the rest of the city. This alone can be a good reason to make a move to Staten Island.

3. Culture

The rich culture adds to the beauty of Staten Island. The huge variety of food- from Italian to Cantonese to Chinese, Staten Island has something for everyone just like the rest of the city. The population that inhabits Staten Island is very diverse and it is all these people that bring different cultures to the island making it culturally rich.

You would not immediately think so, but the beautiful architecture particularly in Historic Richmond District makes Staten Island an interesting place for tourists. There are many local musicians and a lot of festivals are held in Staten Island such as the Dragon festival. Attending these festivals together with the natives make communal bonds stronger and provide for good entertainment as well. The island is host to many supermarkets with good parking facilities that make it easy to stop by without hassling over parking spots. Also, Staten Island has beaches and many parks that give it the calm and peaceful vibe, despite being a part of New York City.

4. Staten Island Ferry

If there is one thing Staten Island is most famous for it is the free Staten Island Ferry. It is an attraction for most tourists and it is not just a fancy means of commute that no one uses, but it makes an average of 109 trips per day which is telling of how frequently people use the ferry.

Staten Island Ferry makes the trip to Downtown Manhattan in a little over 30 minutes, usually every 15 minutes. A new visitor might worry becoming isolated, especially if they don’t know anyone who already lives in NYC. The appeal of free public transportation is being able to communicate and converse with other commuters. Since the ferry connects directly to the Downtown area of Manhattan there is often a public event being held there, such as a farmers market, a public music show, not to mention the tourists gawking at the Statue of Liberty on the way. The myriad of express buses also makes transportation easy.

Staten Island can be an ideal home for a resident that wants a secure and peaceful place with the satisfaction of living in NYC but, at a very reasonable price. It’s therefore important to not form judgments based on how underrated Staten Island appears but to be aware that it is the safest, culturally rich and the most inexpensive place to live in NYC. It can give you benefits that of living in any major metropolitan – giving a feel of both suburban and city life.