High rise apartment buildings are undeniably magnificent. Many prospective buyers are intimidated by its perception that it is unaffordable. A perfect combination will be an economical and luxurious way of living.

The Luxury of a High Rise Apartment Building

New York being a pivotal region can be expensive for new movers but Staten Island can give the comforts of living in New York without its extravagant price tag. Moving to a high-rise on Staten Island should be considered for all incoming New York City residents.

1. Peace

Safety and security of the inhabitants is the most important factor that should shape decisions when it comes to relocating to a new neighborhood. High-rise apartment buildings on Staten Island spend lavishly on their security. Highrise security teams install cameras, observe potential risks, and employ doormen. They do all of this to prevent squatters, burglars, and other criminals from entering the building. This has the added benefit of deterring loiters and hagglers and other unwanted guests from stressing out new movers. Focusing on security is important for people who choose to relocate as it is vital for their safety.

2. Convenience and Comfort

Building an intimate bond with people who are living close to you is easier when one lives under a shared roof. Apartment buildings offer: swimming pools, small theatres, party rooms, game halls, lounge, gym, cafeteria etc. Such luxuries give New Yorkers the option to spend their evenings socializing and making friends with their neighbors, making the city feel much more wholesome and homely. Feeling lonely and isolated is somewhat of an accomplishment if you know your neighbors and have friends in the city that never sleeps.

3. Aesthetics

The attractive architecture and the modern outlook of high rise apartment buildings make the residents feel rich and royal. The design of each room is made by the best architects so these apartments are aesthetically very pleasing. For people who don’t care about the architecture of the apartment, the view out of these apartments can never fail to impress a new Staten Island mover to the city. High rise apartments give the best view of the busy New York City below.

4. Facilities and Services

The chores you worry about when living on your own such as taking out the trash, calling plumbers, packing and unpacking, moving furniture, fixing the stove etc are all taken care of by the apartment management. They make living as comfortable and stress-free as possible. It makes you feel like you are being taken care of and, there’s no one who wouldn’t like that. The moving companies of Staten Island and Brooklyn are all very efficient if one is a new settler and needs assistance in moving.

5. Energy Conservation

Cities and apartments conserve energy and pollute less than similar suburban options. When residents use energy from shared source, this energy is spread throughout the building, unlike in suburban households which need to be insulated to prevent the heat being generated from being wasted. Sharing an energy source cuts down your electricity bill and not just that it gives you the feeling of doing your bit in saving the environment. Despite New York City being a crowded place, the serene Staten Island has parks and wildlife reserves and animals such as turkeys, deer, squirrels within it that depend on the city of New York not adding to the pollution quotient. The guilt of polluting the environment and being responsible for global warming or climate change is diminished when more energy efficient techniques are adopted at these apartment buildings.

6. Posh and Deluxe

Many High rise apartment buildings are located at the best spots in the city. Staten Island is a beautiful place, as many high-rises on Staten Island are located near the ferry and overlook downtown Manhattan, Jersey City, and Brooklyn from the Upper New York Bay. Looking over the island from your apartment building will give an even nicer view. The location is key for the new NYC residents because it makes transportation easy since it occupies the center spaces of town.