Moving to a new city hours away from our current residence is almost always difficult. We are often leaving behind everything we know to learn a new city. People are often relocating for work, family or personal issues and it is hardly ever a carefully prepared plan. It is difficult to decide what is worth keeping, what is more cost effective to replace at the delivery, and how to get everything including your vehicle and pets down to the destination. While we cannot answer all of those questions for you, we can definitely help make this process easier by introducing you to the idea of a dedicated move.

Dedicated moves Go To Moving offers differ from the standard approach by the household goods movers industry. Traditionally, carriers work together with inter-lying agents to get your items to your destination. The process essentially involves company A packing up and picking up your belongings, bringing it to a warehouse where the items are stored until a 52′ truck with enough items is ready to go in your general direction. Agents often wait longer to get a most cost effective way to deliver your goods. While this is an economically sound solution, there are major problems with this approach.

Go To Moving’s dedicated moving solution means we come to your home, load the appropriate size truck, drive it to your destination and unload it. This sounds really straightforward… and it is. The positives of doing this kind of a move are really vast. We eliminate the need for reloading of the truck. We won’t stack your belongings 10′ high in a 52′ long trailer. Since we are able to provide this service with a smaller truck there is no need for your delivery location to be accessible by a full size tractor trailer, which often eliminates expensive shuttle fees. In addition, you no longer have to wait for weeks to get the delivery without positively knowing when it will take place from the beginning. Lastly, your belongings are only being handled by Go To Moving employees, cutting down on possible damages and without the necessity of talking to 2 or 3 different companies in case of damage.

By far the biggest advantage of our system is that the dates are set in stone with us, and the delivery is available as soon as physically possible. We are able to do same day delivery from New York City as far as Pittsburgh, PA or Richmond, VA, including Boston, DC and Philadelphia. Next day delivery spans a lot further, and can reach as far as Atlanta, GA or Chicago, IL, including places such as Detroit, Durham, Raleigh, Ann Arbor, or Columbus.

Reach out for a quote with us today, and we will prepare a personalized move plan to take some of the stress of uprooting your life out of the equation. Years of experience allows us to share our experience and advice with you so that you spend as little time on your friends couch or a hotel as possible, and get your new life jump started.