Moving is a huge task, adding bad weather to the equation makes the situation all the more testing. While Staten Island is not a tropical island (surprising, I know), weather can often be unpredictable and the forecasts change quickly. Movers must keep in mind all the factors that could affect the moving day.


Most moving companies in Staten Island are aware of how bad weather can have a negative impact on your belongings. It is important to not only pack everything in boxes but professional movers in NYC have established that everything must be protected and covered with moving pads and shrink wrap that don’t allow any water from rain to reach the sensitive sections of your furniture.

Moving companies can be trusted because their transport trucks ensure no leakages or points where rainwater could get to the stuff inside. Using a pickup truck to move your belongings can end in a disaster. The key is to keep all the belongings, no matter how small or big, dry. It is packaged as carefully as the most prized documents you own. Furniture movers in NYC know what techniques to use to protect the delicate parts of furniture and to wrap it to avoid any damage, which is a huge advantage to hiring a moving company.

Towels and Mats

When movers reach the destination, the very first day should not be the day you ruin the floor. We make sure to be prepared and place a doormat or a towel on the doorstep for the people from the moving company to enter the place without leaving shoe stains. Best long distance moving companies keep that in mind and they themselves take care of not taking rain or dirty shoes inside the premises of the building.

Clean the entrance

The truck carrying the belongings is parked as close to the building as possible. For times when snow tries to disrupt the moving day, it’s best to put down salt or sand so that snow accumulation can be avoided while movers offload. Staten Island movers are aware of how cleaning the entrance is key to moving in safely. Clients and movers have to work together to make their move happen during a snowy day.

Waterproof bins

Documents and books and other sensitive material that are easy to get affected by rain or snow are given special attention. Waterproof bins are used to keep them safe inside and appropriate steps are taken to ensure that papers remain dry and unaffected by rain or snow. Local moving companies of NYC offer their best services to keep people’s property a priority and not take any risks whatsoever.


Cooperation and unity among team members of the moving company can really make for positive results. Best movers in NYC have set examples for companies to follow. Good team work ethic to get the work done as smoothly as possible. It is a trait of best long distance movers to take care of each other while they offload the luggage or furniture. Experienced movers have a flow that will ensure the time your belongings are exposed to tough weather is minimized.